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              My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  John 10: 27-28               

                                             Welcome! To King's Seminary!

We are excited about you considering King's Seminary for your continuing education in the Word of God. We are committed to serving you with our lives and experiences to become successful ministers impacting the world around you for Jesus. Don't wait or hesitate. Begin your training this year at King's Seminary.

Dr. Cassandra K. Compher Chancellor/ Theology Professor and Head of King's Department of Education.                  


   King's Seminary is authorized as a non-profit religious institution and is consequently exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code ". . . as an organization described in section 501(c) (3), all under and affiliated with Majestic Messiah Ministries, Incorporated in the state of Ohio.                                                      

 What is distinct about King's Seminary? King's Seminary is the Heart of God and our curriculum is correspondent home study. You are not required to leave your residence or change your current occupation to spend physical time at a traditional college or seminary campus. Furthermore, it won't take the rest of your life to earn or complete your degree.


                                               Our Available programs include:

Degrees:                                                  Vocational Programs/Certifications:

Master of Christian Ministry                                Diploma in Biblical Studies

Master of Biblical Studies                                   Diploma in Ministry

Doctor of Theology                                              Christian Education Certificate

Doctor of Intercession                                         Christian Counseling Certificate

Honorary Doctor of Divinity                                 Certificate of Ordination 


King's Seminary is not concerned with worldly praise or accolades, but with conveying Biblical knowledge to our students. We recognize that many ministries are seeking the believer who has attained a certain level of Christian education exemplified in the receiving of a degree. Consequently, we seek to provide a learning experience, which leads to spiritual growth and continuously honors God at the same time.

* We offer practical courses.

* We have complete programs that are Bible-oriented.

* Our curriculum is the Heartbeat of God and Christ-Centered.

* Our faculty and staff are all born-again Christians.

* Our fees and tuition costs are very inexpensive (by comparison of other Seminary's with similar programs)

* Donations and gifts are tax deductible through our federal exempt status.

* Students may receive credit for life experience.

* Students may study at their own paces.

* We offer low, no-interest monthly payments. $300 off all graduate programs

* We use "old school" traditional textbooks.

* Students keep the textbooks for their personal libraries.

* When you enroll with us students get a FREE online pass to a Theological Library with over 50,000 books (Open 24-7) Seven days a week!

                                Majestic Messiah Ministries, Inc.

                                        King's Seminary   

              426 Franklin Ave Alliance, Ohio 44601 (330)526-3549                                     

 Dr. Cassandra K. Compher Chancellor                                                        

Jerry Schupbach President Student Affairs   


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