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Certificate of ordination 

Majestic Messiah Ministries Inc. 

 Choose from two different styles- a new Ordination Certificate or a Classic Majestic Ordination certificate.

 All certificates include a beautiful embossed Gold Seal from the Seminary.

 Ordination price is $65.00 which includes a personal size (handbook) King James Bible  Out of US price is $130

 New Ordination Certificate ____Classic Majestic Ordination Certificate____

To become an ordianed minister please print out this page and mail it to: 

 Majestic Messiah Ministries 426 Franklin Ave. Alliance Ohio 44601  

 (note: all checks/money orders need to be payable to Majestic Messiah Ministries)

      Name_____________________________________________________  Phone ___________

     Your Address_____________________________________________

                 City______________State________Zip Code_________             


                     New Ordination Certificate                   Classic Majestic Ordination Certification