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                        KING'S SEMINARY

            fees, tuition and requirements                                                                                                                                        

We accept checks, money orders and paypal. Please note that application and assessment fees are non refundable.

Application Fee is a $50.00 for graduate classes and $25.00 for all certifications and diploma classes. Life Experience Assessment fee $300.


Tuition (See application form for payment plans)

*Doctorate by Dissertation tuition fees: Doctor of Theology is $4,000 and Doctor of Philosophy is $5,000.

*Doctoral Programs $350 per credit hour *Master Programs $300 per credit hour *Diploma/Vocational Programs $50.00 per credit hour *Certification Programs $200 per credit hour *Foreign/out of US is $60 extra per credit hour *Credit transfers is $20 per credit.  

*Transfer of Credits we will accept credits (semester or credit hours) earned through other schools whether they are accredited or not. Since we are strictly a religious school teaching only the Bible and Bible related subjects, We do NOT and CAN NOT give credit for NON RELIGIOUS studies or life experience.

*Drop or add a course $35.00 fee per course and repeating a course is $35.00 per course.

*Tuition for ALL STUDENTS IN ALL CLASSES is due by the 15 of each month. The late fee is an additional charge $25.00 dollars.

*Bad, late or bounced checks $25.00 fee *Additional transcripts copies are $15.00 dollars.

*In regards to class/course extensions we expect a reasonable amount of time for all students to complete their studies. Additional fees may apply depending on what course you have taken and how much time is needed for completion. It is the discretion of the Board of Education.


Graduation Fees

*All Master and Doctoral Programs is $150.00 fee.

*All Diploma/Vocational and Certification programs is $100.00 fee.



*Original and sealed official transcripts from all previous learning institutions must be sent directly to King's Seminary office within 60 days of acceptance.

*A copy of a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent is required for entrance into all Master and Doctoral Programs. Please send a copy of your driver's licence or identification card to verify your age.

*Students are expected to be actively involved in a local church or congregation.