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               DR. CASSANDRA K. COMPHER

          Chancellor of King's Seminary


                                          AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS                



    Dr. Cassandra K. Compher D.Div, Th.D, Ph.D was born in Florida January 7, 1970 and before Ministry she was in the Security profession for over two decades. She has a Degree in Security Management and is the author of "Right Guard" with Case Files. (A comprehensive Security Officer's Manual 2019). 

  Ordained and licensed as a Christian Minister from Progressive Universal Life Church since early 2000.

  She is the founder of the Ministry and King's Seminary. Dr. Compher has been the Executive Director since 2007 and she also wrote and published two books, "Inspirational Insights" (The Compher Collections) Volume one and "Victory Voices" (All Christian Poetry for cancer patients and victims of crime).

  Cassandra is a successful writer from Editor's Choice awards to honorable mentions and certificates of excellence in poetry. She is recognized and published in countless books from the International Library of Poetry, Famous and Poetry fest.                 

           ***And in 2016 she was the Poet of the Year.  Awarded from Poetry fest***

                                  (for the Breadwinner poem)

  She received the Winning Literary Award in 2019 for all of her poetry and book publications. 

 Associates, Bachelor, and Master degrees in Divinity awarded from U.L.C. Seminary/Ministries. Dr. Cassandra Compher also received the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree for all her ministry-oriented accomplishments, Majestic Messiah Ministries Incorporated. 

  Dr. Compher has received numerous honors throughout the years, including thirteen honorary degrees and doctorates. She holds several degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, Master of Christian Ministry in Leadership, Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Christian Ethics degree by writing a dissertation/thesis paper: Graduating "Summa Cum Laude" with the highest praise from Trinity Graduate School on January 7, 2019, celebrating Cassandra's forty-ninth birthday. She also has a Specialized Christian Educational Ministry (Doctor) degree for establishing King's Seminary, "An exceptional Religious Institution affiliated with Majestic Messiah Ministries Incorporated" -from C.A. Ministries the World Wide Churches of Jesus Christ.

  She truly didn't need anymore doctorates but Cassandra wanted to help a little church in Louisiana so she wrote a doctoral dissertation and privately donated. Instead of receiving a Doctor of Ministry degree the Church's Bible College gave her a Ph.D.

 And after almost 10 long years of school, Dr. Cassandra Compher, D.Div, Th.D has finally completed her education by graduating with a (Ph.D) Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Ministry on April 24, 2019 GPA 4.0 (Honors recognition with the highest distinction) "Summa Cum Laude." She is a loving, devoted wife and Christian Leader who always finishes at the top of her class.


*Dr. Compher received a Certificate of Appreciation Award for ongoing loyal support of Paralyzed Veterans of America since March 2013.

*Majestic Messiah Ministries Incorporated received a Certificate of Recognition from Paralyzed Veterans of America

(If you know someone who has served in military make sure you take the time to give them a big hug and thank them for our priceless gift of freedom)


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