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Financial Aid Assistance and Scholarship Opportunities at King's Seminary

In these difficult times, affording a quality higher education degree can be the determining factor on which institution is selected. At King's Seminary we have one simple goal: provide current and prospective students with the best possible assistance to facilitate their education goals at King's Seminary.

Our students receive awards, scholarships, and grants from a wide variety of sources. Before applying for financial aid, students need to supply their financial obligations through personal funds saved for education and by building a personal support network. A personal support network may include the student's home church, denomination, people to whom the student has ministered, friends, family, clubs, and foundations.

We also believe that no qualified student should be discouraged from pursuing seminary for merely financial reasons. We have established the King's Scholarship program to supplement student's own financial resources.


King's Seminary is an official Religious Institution and regular member in good standing with the World Wide churches of Jesus Christ, In Touch Ministries and Universal Life Church Ministries throughout Canada and the United States. Below are scholarships offered and funded through King's Seminary of Majestic Messiah Ministries Incorporated. Please note the requirements for each offering; not all students are eligible to apply.


King's Crown (Honor) Scholarship is funded by Majestic Messiah Ministries Inc. The Scholarship is for students with excellent capabilities for ministry and superior academic ability. All applicants must be entering into a Master or Doctoral class to pursue ministry as a life long commitment and career.


                                              $7,000 Scholarships                                                 

Requirements: 1 All Honors Students G.P.A. 3.5 to 4.0                              Application                                     

2. Financial need 3.Essay and a list of extracurricular           Deadline is September 1, 2019     

activities 4.Scholarship application                                                          



Champions For Christ Scholarship exists for those who are Christ's servants called to follow Him, commissioned to share his word, dedicated to the gospel ministry, and leading others to Christ.

                                 $6,000 to $7,000 Scholarships now Available


    Requirements: 1. Minimum G.P.A. is 2.0 or above                            Application

 2. Applicant must be going into full-time Christian               Deadline is August 15, 2019

 Ministry 3.  Essay 4. Scholarship Application                


Bethel Blessings Scholarship is for those students will become leaders, preachers and pastors in the Church of Christ.


                   $5,000 Scholarships to $6000 Scholarships Now Available


Requirements: 1. G.P.A. of 2.0 C or above                                               Application

2. Demonstrate a financial need 3. Essay                             Deadline is December 20, 2019

Submission  4. Scholarship Application


Stepping-Stone Scholarship exists to assist those who want to advance or continue their education in any field of choice in the Ministry. This also includes Youth Ministry and Evangelism.


                             $5000 to $6000 Scholarships now Available


Requirements: 1.Demonstrate a financial need 2. Essay 3.Community work and Church service   4. King's Seminary enrollment


                           Application Deadline is January 8, 2020


A scholarship is a monetary gift that celebrates an academic achievement, special talent, or act of service. The best thing about a scholarship is that it doesn't need to be repaid. God has blessed our Ministry with substantial funding and we are encouraging everyone with financial difficulty to apply for assistance. (We want to help our students succeed not burden them with bills).


Chancellors Teaching Scholarship this scholarship fund provides financial aid to students preparing for a teaching career. All Sunday school Instructors and College Professors this scholarship is made especially for you.


                                $4000 to $5000 Scholarships now available


  REQUIREMENTS: 1. Essay Submission 2. Scholarship application completed 3.Recipients are selected for excellent academic achievement and demonstrate a true passion for teaching and ministering the Word of God. 4. Financial need


                     Application Deadline is January 17, 2020

 If you have any other questions regarding King's Scholarship program please see our FAQ page. Even though it's not in any specific order a lot of your questions should be answered.



   Psalm 40:8 " I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my Heart"