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                King's Seminary Electives List all 3 Credits each

Note: Students may choose electives relevant to their course or not:  It's optional not mandatory-                                

ELEC01 The Spirit-Filled Life (Discover the Joy of Surrendering to the Holy Spirit) by Dr. Charles Stanley                                                   

ELEC02 The Gift of Heaven Charles Stanley

ELEC03 God has a plan for your life Charles Stanley

ELEC04 How to reach your full potential with God Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC05 How to Listen to God Charles Stanley

ELEC06 Loved by God by TD Jakes

ELEC07 Experiencing Jesus TD Jakes

ELEC08 Intimacy with God TD Jakes

ELEC09 Life Overflowing TD Jakes

ELEC010 Celebrating Marriage TD Jakes

ELEC011 Overcoming the Enemy (Spiritual Warfare) By TD Jakes

ELEC012 With Christ in the School Prayer (Sept 3, 2017) Andrew Murray Classic Paperback book

ELEC013 How to Strengthen your Faith (Aug. 1, 1997) Andrew Murray

ELEC014 The Secret to God's Presence (Dec 1, 1998) Andrew Murray  Pastor/Minister

ELEC015 The Ministry of Intercession (May 1, 2001) Andrew Murray

ELEC016 Raising your child to Love God (Feb 1, 2001) Andrew Murray Pastor/Minister

ELEC017 Diving Healing: He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of weakness (Matthew 10:1) March 1, 2016 by Andrew Murray (Updated Classics)

ELEC018 Gods Church, Its Calling, Hope, and Motive by E.W. Bullinger

ELEC019 In Step with God by Charles Stanley

ELEC020 Preparing for Battle a spiritual warfare workbook by Mark Bubeck

ELEC021 The testing of your faith workbook by Bruce Wilkinson

ELEC022 Power in the name of Jesus workbook by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

ELEC023 Teaching with Heart: A Guide to Cherishing and Challenging children in the Christian Classroom by Jody Capehart

ELEC024 A leaders life purpose workbook Calling and destiny, Discovery tools for Christian Life coaching by Tony Stolefus

ELEC025 Hearts cry, revised edition principles of prayer by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

ELEC026 Witness development Evangelism workbook Jesus style conversational evangelism by David and Cindy Witt and Ron Kaufmann

ELEC027 The Kings Daughter workbook Becoming a woman of God by Diana Hagee

ELEC028 Discovering your Identity by Charles Stanley

ELEC029 Exploring the Depths of God's Love by Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC030 Man of God Charles Stanley

ELEC031 Developing a Servants Heart (In touch Studies Series) Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC032 (Hermeneutics) Forty questions about Interpreting the Bible (40 questions and answers) by Robert Plummer

ELEC033 (Homily/Preaching) A Sermon workbook: Exercises in the Art and Craft of Preaching by Leonora Tubbs Tisdale/ Thomas H Troeger

ELEC034 Live a praying life workbook by Jennifer K. Dean

ELEC035 God and Soul Care The Therapeutic Resources of the Christian Faith by Eric Johnson

ELEC036 Counseled by God by Mark and Patti Virkler

ELEC037 Communion with God by Ellen White and Roy Anderson

ELEC038 Wisdom from Above by Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC039 Teaching for Spiritual Growth by Perry G Downs

ELEC040 The Ministers Handbook Your Practical Guide to Ministry by Collete Toach

ELEC041 The Christians Educators Handbook on Adult Education by Kenneth O. Gangel and James C. Wilhoit

ELEC042 (Hermeneutics) Grasping God's Word book and workbook A hands on approach to reading, Interpreting and Applying the Bible by J. Scott Duvall/ J. Daniel Hays     Grasping God's Word Laminated Sheet by Zondervan

ELEC043 Thirty Life Principles Bible Study: An Action Plan for living the principles each day by Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC044 Relying on the Holy Spirit (Life Principles Study Series 10 Lessons) by Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC045 Creative Bible teaching Revised and Explained By Lawrence O. Richards and Gary T. Bredfeldt

ELEC046 The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit by Lester Sumrall

ELEC047 The Faith of the Christian Church: An Introduction to Theology by Tyron Inbody

ELEC048 Handbook for Christian Living by Dr. Charles Stanley

ELEC049 The Christian Life A Doctrinal Introduction by Sinclair B. Ferguson

ELEC050 Christian Counseling by Gary R. Collins PhD. 

Examinations and tests will vary depending on what elective you choose and/ or the subject matter. At the end of each course the student will be given instructions on his or her assignment. King's Seminary asks all students to buy new books so the lessons can be completed by you.

If you choose a workbook (Elective) again- it must be a new book and completed in a timely fashion. If you choose a reading book, King's Seminary expects a good 1 to 2 page summary paper of each book for all degree, certificate, and diploma programs -Typed and double spaced. Font sizes 10-12 please review your paper for spelling and grammar errors before submitting. 

                               -Summarize what the book said.           

                               -Tell us what you have learned.

                               -If the text (book) is helpful to you in your life, work and ministry, please tell us about this too.

(Inexpensive books can be purchased at Amazon and Christian

Special note: Some courses are repeated and used for core curriculm.

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